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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I get my pet groomed?
A: We recommend 4-6 weeks. This keeps pets in good coat and they become better acquainted with the grooming experience and makes tar a happier visit.

Q: Do groomers get tips?
A: Yes. A gratuity is much appreciated.

Q: Can I have the same groomer every visit?
A: Yes. Each groomer has their set schedule. Ask for their card and when you schedule your appointment, just ask for them by name. We encourage this because dogs and cats are creatures of habit and regular grooming appointments with the same person is better for you, your pet, and us.

Q: Will my pet get fleas or ticks during their visit?
A: Although it is rare, we go to great lengths to prevent such occurances. We clean and disinfect all tools, cages, and surfaces between each pet. We also flea bomb twice a month.

Q: Will my pet get nicked or clipper burned?
A: This does happen, but not often. We keep our equipment in good working condition to reduce the chance. Keeping your pet brushed and groomed regularly also minimizes the risks. If it does occur, we apply cortisone cream to clipper burns and antibiotic cream to nicks. We will inform you if something happens so you may follow up at home.

Q: Can I stay with my dog during his/her visit?
A: Yes, we do offer that option. It will be an additional $10 - $15.

Q: Do I need an appointment just to cut my pet's nails?
A: No, walk-ins for nail cutting is welcome.

Other helpful tips

- We try to keep your petís visit as short as possible. If you have a preference, you may pre-book your pick-up time by requesting it when make your appointment. (eg. Drop off at 8:30am and pick-up at 10:30am.) However, any pick-up time scheduled is not a guarantee. Any number of things can take place that may put us behind schedule such as potty accidents, uncooperative pets, etc.

- Please call us a half hour before your dog is scheduled to be picked up. Due to factors mentioned previously we are not always on schedule. Your pet may get overly excited when he / she sees you come in. This makes it difficult to finish the groom while also compromising saftey and quality.

If you have any further questions. Please do not hesitate to call us at 937-237-7472.