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Our Grooming Process
A day at the grooming shop is not a traumatic event for your pet. They are getting plenty of attention and TLC. You could compare your pet’s experience to you attending a spa.

We groom a number of pets per day and though we could take one pet at a time through the grooming process, we can neither efficiently nor economically operate in this manner.

The "Ruf" In
All pets are prepared for their bath. Initial clipping is done by removing any excess body hair. Remaining hair is completely detangled with gentle brushing followed by a fine tooth comb.

The nails are trimmed and ears cleaned at this time.

If dematting is required in order to keep a longer style, this can be time consuming and considered an extra service, thus fees apply. If it is determined by your groomer that your pet is too matted, they will shave in the longest length possible.

Time: 15-45 minutes

Pets are bathed twice (or more if necessary) in a mild shampoo and thoroughly rinsed. Cotton balls are put inside the ears to prevent water from getting in. Anal glands are cleaned at this time.

Flea dips, hot oils, medicated baths and teeth brushing are available upon request by owner and is counts as an extra service(s).

If your pet is found with fleas, they will be dipped (at the owner's expense) to prevent infestation to other animals.

Time: 10-30 minutes

Before drying, we apply a coat conditioning spray called "The Stuff". It conditions and helps the coat stay clean longer.

Your pet will be hand fluff dried. This is done using a K-9 force dryer. This blows excess moisture from the coat.

Then your pet is fluffed using a hands-free stand dryer and gently brushed under warm air. A secondary form of drying is “open air drying”. This may be used if the primary form cannot or should not be used. (eg. Some cats, puppies, or elderly animals.)

Time: 15-60 minutes

Finishing up
Most body work is done using clippers, while the face, feet, legs, and tail are scissored.

While your pet is being finished, early arrivals can excite them and make it difficult to finish. Safety and quality are also compromised. So we ask that you call 30 minutes prior to your pick-up time.

Your pet’s finish work is done in order of pickup time, not drop off time. Cologne, bows, and bandanas are applied for a final touch.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to material being expensive that we only put on bandanas by request but it is still free of charge.

Time: 20-45 minutes